"Well worth the time of a theatre-goer in search of some intellectual stimulation."

"Thoroughly compelling."

"FEVER is fascinating and important..."

"Dave McCracken's new play Fever is an ambitious and thought-provoking philosophical drama; its deep probing of the essential nature of humankind surprised me and made a significant impression. The arguments are heady and fascinating and inspiring. It is greatly to McCracken's credit that he takes us through such a difficult and fundamentally unsolvable problem with as much insight, clarity, and elegance as he does. The ending McCracken gives his play feels a little subversive, but it's also timely and resonant. The deep inwardly-directed thinking that Fever pushes its protagonist through is potent and necessary stuff; the ideas contained in this surprising play make it well worth the time of a theatre-goer in search of some intellectual stimulation. "

Martin Denton, nytheatre.com review - 5/21/2008

"Fever has some compelling notions on cosmic good and evil."

"Fearlessly physical."

"Bonitas' agonies feel real and excruciating."

Marc Miller, Back Stage review - 5/22/2008

"Like watching a conversation between Christ and Lucifer."

"A good ol' fashioned discussion on world religion, existentialism and the metaphysics of free will."

"Arrive early to make sure you snag a seat."

Albert Paris, HX magazine review - 6/6/2008


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