What the press said about playwright Dave McCracken:

"FEVER is well worth the time of a theatre-goer in search of some intellectual stimulation."

"Thoroughly compelling."

"FEVER is fascinating and important..."

"Dave McCracken's new play Fever is an ambitious and thought-provoking philosophical drama; its deep probing of the essential nature
of humankind surprised me and made a significant impression. The arguments are heady and fascinating and inspiring. It is greatly to
McCracken's credit that he takes us through such a difficult and fundamentally unsolvable problem with as much insight, clarity, and
elegance as he does. The ending McCracken gives his play feels a little subversive, but it's also timely and resonant. The deep
inwardly-directed thinking that Fever pushes its protagonist through is potent and necessary stuff; the ideas contained in this surprising play
make it well worth the time of a theatre-goer in search of some intellectual stimulation. "

Martin Denton, nytheatre.com review - 5/21/2008

"Fever has some compelling notions on cosmic good and evil."

Marc Miller, Back Stage review - 5/22/2008

"...a hothouse eroticism dominates Macbeth in the Other Room, Dave McCracken’s adaptation
of Shakespeare’s play at the Dionysus Theater. The tiny theater becomes a claustrophobic mirror
of Macbeth’s mind, as if his dark thoughts and troubled conscience had furnished the room.”

Rachel Saltz, The New York Times - 7/28/2009


"The Off-Broadway production of First Do No Harm is not what you'd expect. The play draws you in, then knocks you out!
The humanity of this Nurse keeps you thinking for days after the curtain drops. It blew me away. Awesome!
This show doesn't steal 'First,' it hits a home-run!"

C.R. Milne, StageDaddy.com review - 10/9/2010

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